About Yu Kids Island

We know shopping with kids can be a big ordeal. So we’ve created an kid-friendly indoor environment inside malls that is stimulating and enjoyable for your kids. At Yu Kids Island Chicago, your kids finally have the perfect place to have fun and let off some steam out at the mall. Now, neither rain or snow will stop your kids from having a blast at Yu Kids Island! We currently have over 10 attractions for your kids to play around with, including;

Our attractions

The Spinning Palms
The Spinning Palms Hang, swing, or bounce on the hanging palm balls while they swing around!
The Dancing Balloons
The Dancing Balloons It will be tough to stop your child from playing, dancing, or bouncing off all the balloons!
Big Dancing Balloons
Big Dancing Balloons For children seeking a bigger adventure than the smaller balloons.
The Revolving Tree
Caption Kids can choose from climbing the poles or bouncing on the revolving platform…or both!

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